The Principal, Dr.(Mrs) Lizu Verghis is a great teacher who has a true vision for nurturing students into efficient persons and citizens who can think deeply and solve problems for the betterment of Family, Society and Nation. The Principal, is very much concerned to create a safe learning environment , set performance goals both for students and teachers, and oversee the process so that those goals are attained.

Dr.(Mrs) Lizu Verghis
Principal, STHSS


School – A true mirror reflecting the society where the youth is
trained to serve the cause of drastic social and economic changes.
Acquiring knowledge, developing the all – round personality of an
individual, the campus shapes and reshapes the future citizens.
Education enriches the growth of a nation – the universal outlook –
counting the world as one family, building up society through value –
based life, creating an ecological citizenship and thus making Earth a
better place for you and me to live in.