Classes 8 to 10

The High School section comes under the Department of General Education, Govt. of Kerala and under the direct control of the DPI. The SCERT syllabus followed is in tune with the National curriculum frame work which gives emphasis to the all-round development of the child. The grading system was introduced in 2005 and the students are subjected to a continuous evaluation process which stretches throughout the year. Emphasis is given to activity-oriented learning through continuous evaluation activities such as projects, assignments, seminars, practical and creative writing. In addition to the core subjects, three languages and Information Technology forms part of the curriculum.The medium of instruction is English.


Apart from the mid-term and terminal examinations for the three terms, there is also the student’s cumulative record based on daily, weekly and monthly informed tests. In addition to the above, the students of Standard X face three model examinations prior to the S.S.L.C examination. Progress report cards bearing the scholastic and non-scholastic achievements are sent to the parents periodically.


First Language

Malayalam I

Malayalam II

Second Language


Third Language


Social Studies



 Biology and Health Science

Mathematics Information Technology