Modern developments and the explosion of knowledge have led to the emergence of new career options and micro- specializations which call for specific aptitudes, skills and training. The Career Care Unit was set up with a view to updating the students about existing and emerging career options. Tests are conducted to identify student interests and skills. Seminars, lectures, group projects and discussions are organized from time to time to help the students face the challenges of the competitive world.

Counselling and Career Guidance, two integral services of our school offer extensive support in the overall development of our students. The School Counsellor, Mrs. Hannah equips our students in dealing with the academic, social,personal pressures in life and develop realistic, academic and personal goals through regular Life Skill sessions. The series of webinars and career counselling sessions organised by the Career Care Unit, under the guidance of Mrs. Betty Ninan George, enlightened our students with the interests, aspirations, aptitudes and abilities required in pursuing various career goals. The following were the webinars organised for the current academic year.