The beginning of a school day can become chaotic and this is where morning assemblies serve an important purpose. School assembly clarifies school activities and programs and focuses on co-curricular life. These well planned assemblies contribute greatly to the community culture of our school and pass on positive values. They provide a foundation of understanding for the community, in which students can better understand the “big picture” of their learning and school life.

The day begins with a staff prayer. A common assembly is held thrice a week, with the students conducting the assembly on Wednesdays.

School Prayer

Morning Prayer

“Oh God, help us today, to use life, as you would have us to use it, help us to use our time wisely in honest work, help us to use whatever gifts we have ,to help others ,and to make a useful contribution to life and to the world …Amen

Evening Prayer

Oh God, we thank you for this day, we thank you for the new things that we were able to learn, we thank you for the new things we were able to do, forgive us God, if there has been any failures of obedience or lack of self-discipline… Amen

School Anthem

Truth is our goal
Press on with your might
St Thomas turns darkness to light
With God in our souls
Injustice we will fight
And put all evil to flight
ThamasoMaaJyothirGamayaAsatomaa Sat Gamaya (2)
With passion for our nation
Good values we uphold
All people and all race we’ll enfold
Irrespective of station
We stand all bold
Never stooping for charm silver or gold
ThamasoMaaJyothirGamayaAsatomaa Sat Gamaya (2)
We love our Alma mater
St Thomas our home
Anger and vice here will not roam
O God! there is none greater
We serve Thee at Thy Throne
With Thee we are ne’er alone
ThamasoMaaJyothirGamayaAsatomaa Sat Gamaya (2)